Our COVID Road to Recovery Pledge

We believe we can support neurodivergent young people to recover from the huge challenges the pandemic has presented to them using the power of drama and dance. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we commit to the following:

A Sense of Safety

Predictable and familiar structures will ensure participants know what to expect. Familiar, caring practitioners will help participants to feel safe and secure as they heal from the disruptions in their routines, loss of freedom and a lack of social contact.

A Sense of Self and Community Efficacy

Giving participants a sense of involvement and agency will be integral to our work serving to motivate them and give them the confidence to engage. Projects will aim to build a sense of community amongst the participants with all voices becoming part of future planning.

A Sense of Hope

Recognising and celebrating positive achievements by our participants, no matter how small, will promote an optimistic outlook. Project work on how recent experience in the pandemic could shape a better future for participants will encourage a sense of positivity and hope: crucial to developing resilience, problem-solving and social skills.

A Sense of Calm

Opportunities to talk, share and process feelings, thoughts and experiences will be woven into our work. In a safe and caring environment, drama and dance/movement will be used as a tool to combat stress and anxiety and improve well-being.

A Sense of Connectedness

A sense of belonging is central to our practice and we will provide opportunities for participants to feel part of a supportive community. Empathetic practitioners will respond to the emotions and needs of participants so they feel heard and understood.